Why Choose Public Montessori?

The families of Bennett Park Montessori believe that public school is a public good. This means that education is a collective project, and we want to create the best school we can. At Bennett Park, a good school means fostering a safe space for Buffalo children, a welcome place, for a home away from home. We know our school is good because it is full of our children, and we are committed to giving and getting city kids the education they need to become lifelong learners.

 At Bennett Park, being public means we are proud to be a Title 1 School. Bennett Park aims to understand the role that poverty plays in our District. Working with our teachers, we confront myths about poverty and rely on community partners to strengthen student ties to the city.

Parents, grandparents, and children make our public school good. The MCA is here to help empower you and your child. You shouldn’t have to hunt or pay for what is supposed to be a better school. This is our school, and we try to support and defend it fiercely.

In a public school, you exercise choice in the many ways you support your child’s education. Your choice for your child also supports the education of others. Ninety percent of American children attend public schools -- public school is “all of us together” -- and we embrace the future that public school children will build.

Things we believe: When you choose Bennett Park, you are choosing an open community. Families will find people from all backgrounds, all social category. Montessori philosophy educates for a family-like environment at school; older children are not just leaders but learn to nurture younger children, creating strong character and friendship bonds.
We are diverse, and we form one community. Each student comes to our school with his/her own needs but each student is given the opportunity to thrive.
Learning in a diverse environment helps all children, and has recently been shown to make children feel more safe from bullying. The Century Foundation reports that “diverse classrooms, in which students learn cooperatively alongside those whose perspectives and backgrounds are different from their own, are beneficial to all students—including middle-class white students—because these environments promote creativity, motivation, deeper learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.”

The Montessori method used at School 32 promotes a natural environment where they can move, explore and learn in a way that builds their confidence in themselves.

What Parents Say about School 32

“We have chosen public schools for our children because we believe that it is an important part of being invested in our community. The Montessori method used at School 32 allows my children to be children.  It promotes a natural environment where they can move, explore and learn in a way that builds their confidence in themselves.”

"I was nervous about public education. I got a bit involved so that I could see it and know for myself if it was the right place for my kids. As each transition approached, I started to get to know the teachers at the next level. I've been happy with what I've found at every level so far. I wish I had more time to get to know the teachers of our oldest grades. Currently, a big positive for us is the match between our children's learning styles and Montessori methods."

“I believe that my kid should be part of an educational system that invests in all of the children in Buffalo. This city needs families to come together, not pull apart. I want my child to grow up feeling the importance of such mutual support, and I feel lucky myself to be part of a school community that values it."

"My son is thriving at BPMC. His teachers put so much thought and love into working with him. They understand the ability of each child and the importance of teaching the love for learning. I couldn't be happier and I know this is the best place for him."

"As a cornerstone of democracy, public schools not only educate the vast majority of our nation's kids, but also builds the public. And I want my children to be a part of this. We are not only choosing an education for our kids, but also helping to create the world they will be adults in.”

"We kept our kids at BPMC because there was less emphasis on testing, less time sitting in desks, multiage classrooms, and the opportunity for parents to have a voice in the classrooms they ended up in. We appreciated the emphasis on peace and encouraging kids to be independent learners. The three teachers they had at Bennett Park are among the top educators I have ever encountered and are also among the best people we have known."

"We were very anti-public schools when our kids were younger but by chance we ended up here & are thrilled with the experiences we've had! I also want our kids to enjoy their childhood & not be too concerned with academics at such a young age although they are both thriving well in all their areas of learning. BPMC offers more field trips, camping (upper levels), outdoor learning than any other BPS school."