Our Montessori is...

The Children's House, for students ages 3-6
- These classrooms have 18 students in grades Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten and two teachers.

The Lower Elementary, for students ages 5-7 and 6-9 -- classrooms of grades K,1&2 or 1,2,&3  
- Each of these rooms has a lead teacher and an assistant teacher or aide.

The Upper Elementary, for students ages 9-12, or classrooms of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders

The Middle School, for students ages 12-14, classrooms of 7th and 8th graders


The child’s development follows a path of successive stages of independence, and our knowledge of this must guide us in our behaviour towards him. We have to help the child to act, will and think for himself. This is the art of serving the spirit, an art which can be practised to perfection only when working among children.”
— Dr. Maria Montessori

I can

I will






Michele Cosmann (a 3-5 teacher) on how she sees this mantra in terms of BPMC:

When I first heard this I thought about how perfectly it fits in with our Montessori philosophy and education in general.  I CAN and I WILL are in line with the growth mindset.  I CHOOSE goes along with Montessori and the fact that we design and want children to choose work that meets their needs and moves them forward.   I LOVE is what we want all children to do while they work: we want them to love what they are doing.  I THRIVE doesn't really need much explanation, because when we do what we choose and love, we will thrive!  I CREATE is what we want each child to do within a lesson, a day, a week, a month or an entire school year: we want them to create a pathway for themselves via educational experiences and to be creative in their thinking and doing.  And last, but certainly not least, I ENJOY--because when we do all of the above, we enjoy our day, our lives, ourselves, our classrooms, the children, our school year and our experiences!