MOLE, Montessori Outdoor Learning Experience is a group of parents, staff, and students who help connect the school community to our outdoor learning space through family events and the school garden.

BPMC is fortunate to have its very own school garden. We are excited for another opportunity to bring the students outdoors and give them a unique learning experience within nature. We have multiple raised beds for growing vegetables, berries and herbs. We also have a native or habitat garden that helps attract wildlife including birds and insects which help to pollinate our garden.

For the last two years, classrooms have adopted a garden theme and selected plants that fit within that theme. Garden themes have ranged from a Three Sisters Garden to a pizza garden. Each garden bed can then be used not only by the class caring for the garden, but also other classes at that and other grade levels so that many students may benefit from learning in the garden.


MOLE hosts the school's annual festivals, the Spring Festival and Fall Festival. These are an opportunity for families to gather on a Saturday and celebrate the changing of the seasons, share a meal, and participate in time honored traditions at BPMC including the Maypole Dance at the Spring Festival. Garden related activities are included at each event. 

Summer Garden Meetups started three years ago and have helped to increase our garden's productivity and overall health during the summer months. Families and staff meet once per week (usually on Wednesdays at 10am) to work in the garden, weeding, watering, harvesting and planting a second round of plants for students to enjoy when they return in the fall.


To be added to MOLE's email list, please contact Kristen Smith Armstrong,