The support of families, alums and friends is critical to the future of our students and our school. The MCA, Montessori Community Association, is a non-for-profit charitable organization, so your gift is tax deductible.

Giving through Workplace Initiatives

United Way

You will be able to donate through the 2017 United Way Campaign in your workplace. More details coming soon.


If your employer participates in the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) payroll/one-time contribution system, your gift is gratefully welcomed. Simply write "Montessori Parent Association" on the annual enrollment form provided by your employer and/or our agency code for SEFA, which is 57-00607.

Giving Directly to Bennett Park Montessori

You may donate directly to our school here. If you are interested in earmarking your donation for a particular school cause, please contact Roger Griffiths, MCA President ( We ordinarily use donated funds to support field trips and school events, and to buy supplies for teachers.